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Established in 2004

Welcome to Furniture Doctor Upholstery and Interiors LLC – your trusted partner for professional office chair repair and reupholstery services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

Discover a cost-effective solution to transform your worn-out office chairs and commercial seating to ‘Showroom Condition.’ Our skilled team specializes in revitalizing furniture at a fraction of the cost of replacement, offering savings of up to 60%.

Don’t discard chairs due to damaged upholstery; let Furniture Doctor breathe new life into them with our professional repair and reupholstery services. Choose from a diverse selection of upholstery fabrics for chairs, seating, gas lift, and armrest repairs.

Contact us today via Call, Email, or WhatsApp at 056-189-1489. 

We can transform your old tired looking office chairs and commercial seating back to ‘Showroom Condition’ at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Benefits of having your office/commercial seating repaired or reupholstered can give savings of up to 60% of furniture replacement costs.

Furniture Doctor Upholstery and Interiors LLC.


It’s important to create the right impression for your clients and workers. We are here to repair your office furniture at affordable rates.


Over 17 years of experience in office chair repairs and upholstery in UAE, Our team will take care an efficient, affordable and excellent service.